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Welcome to Healing from the Heart with Jacky and Gerry.

Gerry Getty and Jacky Haworth are travelling the globe sharing Yoga, TRE®Numerology, Reiki and a combination of holistic tools, tips and strategies to help improve your lifestyle.

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At Healing from the Heart, we have been offering wellness solutions since 2004. Gerry and I are life partners, and business partners, who are sharing our love of Yoga, sTREss Away, Numerology, Reiki, Tarot and all things healthy so that you can gain a few gems to incorporate into your own life.  Plus, we are sharing with you the benefits of our life experiences (be they good, bad or indifferent) that we have gained on our journey. It has not all been easy, but for us, it has been a journey of amazing transformation and growth.

Jacky Haworth

Gerry and Jacky

Yoga creates flexibility in the body and starts to calm the nervous system. sTREss Away is a natural muscle movement that occurs in the body to release stress, tension and trauma. When the two modalities are combined, the body naturally stretches, flexes and relaxes.

The mind lets go of the story and the nervous system resolves back to its parasympathetic baseline of calm and balance.

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Practised regularly, sTREss Away Yoga will help you to re-discover the healthier and happier person that you really are. When you let go of the past, stretch and shake in the present, and embrace what the future holds, life moves and flows. That’s when the magic happens.

Gerry and Jacky do not claim to be perfect, just real. We don’t have a flash yoga studio, but neither do you. We are passionate about helping you connect with who you really are in your own environment, in your own time.

We are Living the Dream. Come and join us.

Live your Dream!

Gerry Getty
Gerry GettysTREss Away Instructor
Yoga for life, Yoga for growth, Yoga for fun, Yoga for everyone!
Jacky Haworth
Jacky HaworthsTREss Away Instructor
Yoga, TRE, Numerology, Tarot, Reiki

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