sTREss Away

sTREss Away

Learn how to let go of stress, tension and trauma so you can get more out of life. Classes, individual sessions, workshops. sTREssAway



Insightful psychic readings. Gain clarity and direction. Discover more about your true potential.Readings



Reiki is the power of touch - hands on healing restores balance to mind, body & spirit. Reiki Healing Treatments, Reiki Training from Beginner to Master. Reiki

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

YOGA brings us into the present moment using guided movements called poses or asanas. Combining the breath with yoga poses helps calm the nervous systems to bring relaxation and flexibilityYoga

Vibrant Health can be Yours!



Simple Stress Relief Strategies

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stressPop in regularly to read new posts that contain the latest information and experiences about stress relief strategies to help you get on top of life! These blogs will all be focussed on minimising the impact of stress and trauma in all it’s myriad forms.  Trauma from the past, tension in your body and the everyday stresses that get in the way of the magic that we can create in our lives. It is possible to release all those past issues and live life in a place of balance. It takes time and practice and we are here to assist. Here are just a few of the benefits that we have witnessed at Healing from the Heart.



  • Restore balance and direction in your life

  • Take charge of your weight, your stress, and the excesses that you reach for to relieve stress

  • Learn Yoga

  • Attend our weekly stress and trauma releasing classes

  •  Lift your self-esteemSelf esteem

  • Laugh and smile more every day

  • Feel confident in your decision-making

  • Understand how to tune into your body so you know what is healthy and balanced for you

  • Relax easily, alone or with friends

  • Breathe in life! Breathe out slow and stagnant energy.

  • Lift depression

  • Be more focused and alive

  • Enjoy great health

  • Attract positive relationships

  • Create more prosperity

  • Get more clarity about your life

  • Become more resilient

Healing from the Heart has a down to earth approach to stress relief. Read more about Jacky here
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