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Gerry Getty

Gerry has been practising yoga for over forty years. After a career in professional squash and golf, he was forced back to a daily practice of yoga due to the effects of those endeavours. It became the main source of relief from the pain he was in.

His dedication started to grow further into the spiritual principles of yoga, leading him to a yoga teacher training course at Essence of Living on the Gold Coast. After graduating he went into a partnership as co-owner of Time4Yoga, helping to build a rewarding studio with a highlight of developing a teacher training program. Jacky was one of Gerry’s students in the program.

Gerry has also been a  volunteer counsellor for Lifeline, worked in Aged Care with Queensland Health, as well as having forged a successful business career.

In Numerology, Gerry is a 2, so he enjoys working in partnership, being balanced, intuitive and he is a healer and peacemaker.  As quoted by a yoga instructor he recently met “Gerry is ego-less in his Yoga.”


Jacky Haworth

After twenty years spent in the corporate arena, Jacky changed her philosophies as she trained in the fields of health, wellness and spirituality. she has been owner-operator of Healing from the Heart since 2004.

Jacky works practically and intuitively with you to assist you to achieve the greatest possible benefit. She provides the framework for you to release stress, trauma, dis-ease and pain from your body, to calm and open your mind so that you can free your soul.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Level 1 Yoga Instructor
  • TRE® Level 2 Provider
  • REIKI Master/Healer
  • Psychic training and Certification
  • Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.
  • Louise L Hay – You Can Heal Your Life
  • Brandon Bays – The Journey
  • Psychic Numerology and Tarot Readings

Jacky is a Numerology 4 so she has a practical and down to earth approach and is very hard working. Her 5 Day number means she is sociable and can be really flexible with ideas in her consultations and classes. Gerry is a perfect partner as he brings their life back into balance when Jacky pioneers ahead. He helps her balance her work with a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

Gerry enjoys the trust and loyalty that Jacky brings to the relationship. She helps Gerry break out of the routine, bringing variety and spice to the relationship.

Since Gerry and Jacky’s partnership commenced they have developed their own tailored blend of Yoga and TRE® resulting in sTREss Away Yoga.