Healing my Heart

Healing my Heart

Healing my Heart by Gerry Getty

Just over a year ago I experienced the deepest, darkest time of my life. I felt paralysed because the person whom I had loved told me they didn’t want to be with me anymore and as a consequence of that the work that I thoroughly enjoyed as a yoga instructor seemed like it was disappearing as well. I was very lucky that I had a long standing friend who invited me to stay with him and his wife for as long as I needed to. I spent days hashing over in my head what had gone wrong, but nothing was coming up about what I should do.

One thing that did stick in my mind was what I had preached to my students to do when things went sour.  “Just come to class and just do whatever you can.” I decided to get a month’s pass at a local yoga studio and do my own personal practice. From that point, slowly my state of mind started to change as well as my behaviour. I went onto a dating website and started seeing ladies for coffee or dinner.  I began to get my self-esteem back as they would tell me that I was a kind warm-hearted person.

A month later I had coffee with a lady that I taught yoga to through the teacher training program at the yoga studio. That coffee date blossomed into the most beautiful relationship.  Through (my partner) Jacky’s TRE classes I achieved another level of my peeling off of the onion layer, which enabled further healing and growth.

It hasn’t been all clear sailing in this unfolding.  I started teaching yoga classes, found some other support employment and gradually my financial situation began turning around. but day by day I feel I am healing my heart.

A year later approaching our first Anniversary of being together and I am enjoying life to a level I never dreamed possible. Life is so GOOD!!

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