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This is where we write our blogs and insights as we travel and have wonderful experiences.  We have learned so much in our lives so far and this is where we share those insights with you. We hope they will inspire, motivate, educate and entice you to join our group. Enjoy our Youtubes, share your insights with us and become part of the Living the Dream experience.

Numerology Sets You Free!

Numerology sets you free! What do you really want in your life? What do you wish to change? If you were to set a New Year resolution right now what would you most like to achieve or manifest this year? The truth is, it does not matter what you [...]

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TRE® Tension and Trauma Release

Find out how to reduce stress and anxiety -  sTREss Away with Jacky Haworth Tension and Trauma Release Exercise Classes, Workshops and Personal Sessions Shake your way to a happier you with Jacky Haworth Founded by Dr David Berceli PhD In comparison to many stress prevention approaches, TRE® does not require [...]

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Jacky’s Top Stress Relief Tips

12 Top Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety without leaving the loungeroom! Start now. there is no time like the present! Silence – Just close your eyes and sit quietly. No chat for five minutes - set your alarm on your phone. Breath – practice various techniques to slow [...]

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How to find your full potential

Don't Give Up. You deserve to feel Great! In order to find your full potential, you do have to work at it. As I write this I am approaching my 60th birthday and Gerry turns 64 on Thursday.  He has been a natural sportsman all his life and is very [...]

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sTREss Away and the Psoas Muscle Group

The Psoas - The Muscle of the Soul The Psoas is considered to be the muscle of the soul. It is the only muscle group that links the upper body to the lower body.  The Psoas muscle (pronounced so-as) is the deepest muscle in the human body affecting our structural [...]

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Living the Dream Workshop

Numerology, Yoga and TRE create a healthy formula presented by Gerry Getty and Jacky Haworth This was our lovely group at Liftoff Yoga in Buccan, QLD on 9th September 2017 This is a unique experiential Yoga workshop which explores how to release stress, connect to your true selves using Numerology, Yoga, [...]

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Rebecca uses TRE to cope with PTSD and Migraine Symptoms

Find Clarity in your life with Trauma Releasing Exercises The video below is a testament to the effectiveness of consistent TRE® practice and how it can assist the release of stress, tension and trauma. Written in 2015 The video below introduces Rebecca who suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This [...]

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Is PTSD a Modern Epidemic?

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and stress-related diseases are making the news these days, as the symptoms of depression and anxiety are being diagnosed in people from all walks of life. The reality of anxiety and depression includes an inability to work, suicidal tendencies, anger, violence, addiction, inability to [...]

Why I teach Reiki I and II together

By William Lee Rand Founder of International Centre for Reiki Training, Michigan, Oregon, USA I believe it’s important for each teacher to create guidelines or rules for how he or she wants to teach and in the case of Reiki membership associations, they have the responsibility to create standards of [...]

June 29th, 2015|

Mindfulness is a Beautiful Place

Find your Place of Peace In June 2013 my two daughters and I visited Buddha at Lantau in Hong Kong.  We took a cable car ride up the mountain and you could see Buddha on the side of the mountain, magnificent in his stillness. We wandered through the rather commercialised village and [...]

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Young Living Essential Oils – a world of opportunity

Jacky introduces you to the purity and potency of Young Living.   Why learn about Vibrational Essential Oils? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could capture the living essence of a plant into a bottle? This is what naturopath Gary Young, N.D., the founder of [...]

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The Spiritual Principles of Reiki – Reduce Stress Naturally

Reiki - a universally recognised healing technique THESE PRINCIPLES  ARE JUST AS APPLICABLE  TODAY AS WHEN THEY WERE WRITTEN BY DR MIKAO USUI, REIKI FOUNDER, IN THE 19TH CENTURY. As an experienced Reiki Master Jacky shows you how to reduce stress naturally and transform your life with Reiki. JUST FOR [...]

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A testimonial on successful Stress, Tension and Trauma Relief

The key to the successful recovery from stress, tension and trauma-related disease is the commitment to a therapy or process that works. Regular practice, documenting your journey, and then gratefully sharing it with others, so that it may assist recovery This lady shares her story, her commitment, her courage [...]

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Achieve Success

Daily practices to train your thoughts into positive action and hone your body so that it is vibrant and energetic. Advancement through your levels of training which increase personal power. A business opportunity with a wellness product that is second to none. It’s all in the mind You can [...]

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