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sTREss Away Timetable

Once you have purchased your class or your Pass, please choose from the sessions below to reserve your space in our Online Live Classes.

Current times below are in: (QLD time) UTC +10, AEST, Australian Eastern Standard Time

All our classes have limited numbers so we can see you and assist you throughout your class. Just like in a studio.

We do not operate from a studio. So wherever we are (provided we have Wifi!) we will broadcast our live classes.

  • We offer a REAL Yoga experience.  If you want candles, incense and soft music to get yourself in the Yoga Zone, you can do that for yourself at home.
  • We bring the uniqueness of a male and female who teach the class together.
  • We take you to a deeper level of mind body harmony by incorporating TRE® into our class.
  • We can see you and you can see us just as we can in a studio.
  • You can enjoy your class in the privacy of your own home, with the support of two professionals who have a wealth of experience to share.


The links below inform you about our events.

Reiki Courses

Living the Dream Workshops


Promotional Events

Numerology Classes

They will all be listed here. Just click on each link for more information.  We look forward to seeing you soon – either online or in person.  As we are travelling, we could be in a place near you very soon!