Prepare for Class

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These recommendations will help you enjoy your LIVE online yoga class with us

When you have purchased and booked a class (or classes), we will email you a ZOOM Link for your LIVE Online Class. When you click the link, if you are a first timer it will ask you to download the free Zoom App. If you have Zoomed into our classes before then the link will take you directly to class.

IMPORTANT: Join from PC or Mac: Just click the Zoom Link you received by email when you are all set up and ready to join the class. Do not use Tablets or Smartphones as you won’t be able to see or hear us clearly.

Please be prepared for your LIVE ONLINE sTREss Away class by making sure you have the following in place, ten minutes prior to class.
  • A good wifi connection or NBN is essential
  • Have laptop connected to your TV (HDMI cable or Bluetooth connection) if possible, so you have a nice big view of us
  • On your TV settings you need to go to the HDMI channel that you have plugged your cable into.
  • Lighting needs to be overheads + maybe a lamp by your viewing device if the room is a bit dark
  • Place Yoga mat on the floor with short side facing the camera.  The whole mat should be visible on camera plus the top of your head when standing at the front of mat – ideally, the front of the mat is 2-3 metres away from your camera.
  • Use the inbuilt camera in your laptop
  • Have your volume turned up on laptop and TV
  • Only put your phone on DO NOT DISTURB once we have connected. Just in case we have tech issues and need to call you.
  • Be in a space where you will not be disturbed by people or pets
  • Have your water bottle close by
  • Optional – blanket, cushion, rolled up towel etc. (whatever you need to be comfortable for relaxation)
  • Yoga props – if you have any.  A stool or chair or reasonably close to a wall if you need it for balance
  • Ambient room temperature
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable to move easily in
  • Make time to enjoy the entire class. You are worth it!

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Questions? Please call or email us.