Corporate Numerology Report

Corporate Numerology Report


The Formula for Business Success

  • Is your business in success mode?
  • Are your staff your greatest assets?
  • Is it possible to make that business idea a reality?
  • Do your numbers align with the numerology of your business?
  • Does your team work well together?

I am convinced that a numerology profile should be available for every staff member in a business.  HR departments would have a much easier time shortlisting, interviewing and employing staff if they could use the candidate’s Numerology profile to ascertain the personality of a prospective emplyee.

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For your Corporate Numerology Report, you are looking at the overall demographics of the business from a numbers point of view.

  • Does your business have the correct number profile in its name?
  • Does the name and the meaning of the numbers reflect what you produce or create in your business?
  • Do your own numbers harmonise with the numbers of the business?

This report is invaluable when deciding on a new business name or a change of name or a refocus in the on products or services or branding.

  • Are there partners in your business or key staff members?
  • Does their numerology work well with the business dynamic?

For example, if you employ a Sales Manager, or you drive the sales, 5s and 8s are great numbers to have.