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Jacky is an extremely generous, intuitive and caring individual who personifies Reiki and all it stands for. She has dedicated her life to the healing gift of Reiki and approaches both her work and her students with passion. Having completed Reiki 1 training and worked closely with Jacky on an important healing journey for almost a year now I can sincerely say that she makes a difference to peoples lives and I strongly recommend the full Reiki program offered by ‘Healing from the Heart’. Jacky really is one of a kind.  NJ Sydney

Jacky Haworth is a certified HOLY FIRE II Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master.  In March 2014 she embraced the Holy Fire ignitions with William Lee Rand from The International Centre for Reiki Training, travelling to Maui, Hawaii for a Reiki intensive program. Jacky assisted William when he taught Reiki on the Gold Coast in September 2014. In 2016 she upgraded to Holy Fire II, (read more about Holy Fire here.)      Jacky has been a Reiki practitioner since 2000. She has regularly participated in Reiki courses and classes to upskill so she can offer you the best possible experience.

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We are designed to be healthy human beings.  In today’s society, we knowingly/unknowingly ingest toxins, we live with too much stress in our over-busy lives. We have relationship issues, issues with the kids, finance issues.  Any, or all of these, sooner or later will lead to dis-ease in the body.  This may manifest as pain, illness, imbalance, low self-esteem, depression, insomnia, sensitivities to lifestyle and diet. In fact a need to de-sensitise so we can struggle on!

Reiki hands-on healing is our opportunity to release stress and detox our body so that the body can heal and regenerate itself effectively. Reiki assists the cells of the body to open and receive the Universal Life force energy of Reiki into any area that may be in need of healing and balancing.  It may bring up emotions or evoke a detoxification response as the energy begins to work with our bodies to create healing and recuperation.  Reiki has its own intelligence and will work with any imbalance in the body, the mind or the emotions. Reiki is a simple hands-on process. Easy to learn and easy to practice.

Benefits may include the following

  • Deep relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Cell regeneration
  • Healing on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels
  • Stress Relief
  • Promoting healthy habits
  • Emotional Release
  • Rebalancing of the Chakras and Meridians
  • Cellular healing and regeneration
  • Relief from Insomnia
  • Healing in relationships
  • Feelings of peace and calm
  • Detoxification when used alongside medical procedures
  • Alleviating side effects of medication
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Wound healing


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