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This is a sample of some of the wonderful feedback Jacky haas received from students and clients. The best form of recommendation is word of mouth so your testimonials are very valuable for other readers. If you enjoy the results of your sessions with me, just write us a testimonial or send a short video.  Testimonials are also a good way for us to gauge the impact of  our services/classes.

New Mum T
Just touching base

Just touching base with you as you did a reading for me in January 2012 at Gwinganna. You mentioned in my reading that i would most likely have twins which, at the time i didn't know twins were in the family and i was not interested in having children at all!

Well, on 15 July i welcomed my beautiful twin girls Harper and Poppy into this world.


I thought you might appreciate knowing that something i was so doubtful of that you had said in my reading happened and it has been the most wonderful thing in my life.

All the best to you Jacky.

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Jacky has a heart of pure gold

Gold Coast, QLD
Reiki i & II Workshop

Lorraine Kurukaanga reviewed Healing from the Heart


I have been doing TRE with Jacky and Gerry for about some months now. Jacky's guidance and experience creates a safe, comfortable environment for your body to shake and release what it needs without actually having to go through the trauma again. I don't know what I've released, only that I feel better after each class. I have benefited in the following ways: 1. A relaxing of my calf and hamstring muscles that were previously tight and sore. 2. I feel calmer and find I react less to stressful situations. 3. The tremoring around my second chakra has helped my creativity to flow again. 4. I am able to comfortably ride a bike with minimal knee pain after many years. 5. I have more energy and feel less stuck/blocked. I enjoy my sTREss Yoga classes and I have signed up for regular live classes. My partner is doing the classes now as well. I would recommend them to anyone.
Leonie Hope, leoniehope.com

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Byron Bay

Jacky’s classes are indeed something special. Along with my daily home tremoring practice, they’ve been helping me recover from PTSD for a while now. (Rid me of 8 years of migraines also, no mean feat!). Thank you, David Berceli, for bringing TRE to trauma-sufferers. It’s a godsend!

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Numerology & Tarot Consult

Thank you for yesterday. Today I am anxiety free in my total being and know everything is ok and as it should be. I received a profound healing and am very grateful.

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Jacki G

Numerology & Tarot Reading. Extremely enlightening and enjoyable. i left with a happy disposition. Jacky is a lovely lady.

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Glenda Wagner
Burleigh Heads, QLD
Yoga Instructor and owner of Time 4 Yoga

Trauma Release Exercises and Restorative Yoga. I felt the workshop was awesome! I feel it is a wonderful combination. I feel this combination is very empowering. I always feel like relaxing more after tremoring in a TRE class and the Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) get the questioning mind out of the way. The mind that starts to analyse – why did I shake like that? Why was only one hand shaking? What was that all about? What did I do? Am I a freak? Etc. etc. etc. Switching on the relaxation response is the only time healing can take place. Thanks for bringing TRE into our lives and others!

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Hi, I want to say a big THANK YOU for the Reiki Absent healing you sent for my hysterectomy surgery (and all related intentions) on 3/27/15. I had no problems or issues with or during the surgery, and the doctor even finished sooner than planned. Beforehand, I was calm, peaceful, and not anxious AT ALL! This was a Super-HUGE Big Deal for me because even going for a routine checkup or minor test in ANY kind of medical setting usually makes me SO ANXIOUS that the nurses have to test my vitals more than once over a period of time-after talking to me, calming me down, telling me to breathe, etc.-because my blood pressure and heart rate are so elevated. However, this time, even the nurses and techs in pre-op were surprised at just how calm and unruffled I was! Even knowing I was having a major surgery, plus being in the midst of all the machines, tubes, needles, paperwork, questions, medical personnel, etc., I never once got tense or stressed. WoW!!! I, and my body overall, recovered from anesthesia quickly and well, and I was able to resume eating regular foods quickly. The pain wasn’t overwhelmingly horrible. It wasn’t a walk in the park, either, but it was nowhere NEAR what I’d been expecting and led to believe. I had no problems, infections, or issues with the incision site and barely any swelling. The nurses and techs once again seemed so surprised at just how well I came through it; how well I was doing; and how my body was doing, looking, and responding so soon afterward! I heard the word “amazing” more than once!

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Reiki 2

Jacky is a wonderful tutor and I can’t wait to practice on family and friends

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