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The difference between a Tarot reading and a GREAT Tarot reading is your ability to tune in to the client and allow yourself to connect psychically.

The information is so much more relevant when it comes from the heart (or Higher Source) than reciting what you have learned from a book. So my workshops don’t get too caught up in long detailed descriptions of the cards.  You learn to FEEL the cards as they relate to each person.  It is surprisingly easy once you get out of your own way!  This is also a chance to receive lots of readings and to experience huge personal growth and clarity as you learn.

21 Benefits of being Psychic

  1. Gets you out of your headheart_in_hands
  2. Increases intuitive ability
  3. Increases creative ability
  4. Clairvoyant gifts develop
  5. Empathic abilties increase
  6. Clairaudient gifts develop
  7. Clairsentient gifts develop
  8. You will see, feel or hear the presence of Spirit in your life
  9. Pineal gland is stimulated, awareness and memory enhanced
  10. The energy in your body becomes more balanced
  11. The ageing process is reversed
  12. Immunity is improved
  13.  Your energy/vitality will increase
  14. An underactive thyroid can be stimulated or balanced
  15. Your ability to communicate and express yourself improves
  16. You become more confident
  17. You can read other peoples’ energy more accurately
  18. Your Heart opens – better relationships
  19. You attract more of who/what really works in your life
  20. Focus and concentration improve
  21. You learn how to handle stress in your life

When you attend Jacky’s classes,  you spend special time in a very simple environment, a place of non-judgement, where you may make new friends and absorb the serenity of your environment.  You learn to tune into nature, tune into each other, tune into the unseen helpers who are on hand to assist us every moment of our lives.  We all, every one of us, deserve to create happiness in our lives.  As you progress through the workshop, you will let go of your limiting thoughts and open to the incredible possibilities your life has to offer.
The courses include meditation lots of practice. Jacky takes you through a step by step process to discover more of who you really are.

Psychic Tarot – 2 days $500

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This is what one of our students said about the last workshop:

A great and awesome insight into another tool for healing that I didn’t realise.  I have had an amazing experience and can’t wait to help heal myself and others.  Thank you”  TG Feb 14

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A Tarot reader, especially a psychic reader, is able to help clients to establish clarity about their lives and to see how circumstances and situations can be turned into a positive process to achieve the most out of life. This course is a step by step process to learn about the cards of the Tarot. The course looks at psychic awareness, how the cards differ in meaning as you tune in to the relationship between mixes of cards, how to lay out the cards, the ethics and standards of being a reader. Many people like to use the cards at home to gain insights and messages about their lives but this course has also produced some professional readers and ongoing training is available.

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How to be Psychic – 2 days $500

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An immersion into the psychic senses where magic becomes the new normal!

Toning, chanting, protective symbols, learn to read auras and chakras, psychometry, angel cards, tarot cards, tune into your environment and learn to tune into other people’s energy fields, unite with spiritual guidance, learn to channel. Release the past, relinquish the energetic patterns that limit you; meditate and connect with likeminded souls. Rewrite your script. This course changes lives and is suitable for beginners or those who have some experience or gift in this area. Every student will enhance their psychic abilities at this workshop.

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Numerology – who are you really?

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Numerology, especially the Life Path should be utilised in the human resources department of every business.  When you understand the numbers and how they all come together on the Blueprint, you get a real understanding of the type of person you are and how to deal with the challenges that the numbers can offer, as well as the gifts.

  • Learn how to read and calculate the Life Path
  • Understand what each number represents and how it relates to you.
  • Learn about the numerology of your partners, children and friends.
  • Explore the blueprint that shows you how unique you are
  • Tune in at a deeper level (psychically) and really understand a person through their numerology

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Booking Information

Bookings are essential so contact Jacky to book and make payment arrangements. Outstanding monies may be paid on the day of the course, by cash or card.

For each workshop, $100 deposit required to reserve your place.

Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable for other workshops.

I am constantly reviewing and updating my workshop content as it is my intention to bring through new information on a regular basis. What I learn, and the information I receive is to be shared. As I learn (and I am learning all the time), or receive new information, the content or format of workshops may change. Based on student feedback I also update information so that you continue to receive updated and improved courses.

Workshop duration and prices are subject to change without notice so please confirm all details when booking.

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