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On this page I will share with you information about my favourite Young Living oils. I’ll share with you what I use them for, the benefits and how you can blend and be so creative with the oils. Young Living is a personal journey of discovery and I discover more useful and imaginative ways to use my oils all the time.  I am happy to set aside some time to share some of the products with you and discuss what may benefit your health and your life.



Enjoying my Ningxia Red on a daily basis – just 60-120mls has meant that I have maintained a healthy immune system and have had not ‘caught’ anything for the years I have been using it.



During menopause, I have been using Clary Sage (hot flushes), Phyto Progessence Plus (balances the progesterone so that there is no need to take extra oestrogen during menopause) and Endoflex (works on parathyroid) to assist with reducing my menopause symptoms.  This combination of oils has balanced my mood swings, cured hot flushes and made life more enjoyable again!


Many Young Living Oils are now approved by the TGA and can be used in cooking. So all you cooks out there, start experiementing!

At work

The list is so long as I use the oils in every aspect of my work and more often than not, I choose them intuitively. For mindfulness, teaching, healing, to bring clarity and for my Trauma Release classes. I diffuse a variety of oils which enhance the energy of everything I do. I drip oils on people’s heads, get them to inhale straight from the bottle, roll them on or use them on the body to do a Valor balance or for a specific issue.

My absolute 6 must-haves for travel and daily use are the 10ml roll-ons.

Stress Away – speaks for itself!YL roll ons

Breathe Again – so good to use in the air-conditioned environments we constantly find ourselves in.

Valor – for courage before commencing readings, to kick-start the day, to give me endurance when I am racing from my work to my classes! For keeping me centred and calm.

Tranquil – for meditation or at the end of a busy day, mmmmm.

Deep Relief  – a quick roll of this oil blend straight onto the tight muscle is so simple and a fast acting remedy for pain/tiredness in muscles.

Ruta Vala – relieves stress, soothes tension and promotes relaxation of the body and mind.

These are just a few of my use everyday oils

Lemon – in my water bottle, in my smoothies, uplifting and energising.

Peppermint – a dab in my mouth to freshen my breath and settle my stomach.

Feelings Kit: I have just purchased this and it is such a beautiful collection of oils.


These blends provide the first step into releasing difficult emotions and experiences. They provide the foundation for balancing energy, forgiveness, and identifying yourself.

Kit contains: Forgiveness, Release, Harmony, Valor, inner Child and Present Time

I can’t make any claims that these oils will work for you, we are all individuals but the joy of Young Living for me is the discovery of what does work. My daughters receive yummy Young Living oils in their Christmas Mosquitopresents every year and so does Gerry! There are some super sexy and beneficial oil blends for men.

At Woodford, Purification kept the bugs at bay and if I did get nipped by a nasty, it took away the itch and healed it really quickly.

Please contact me to discuss the many options and opportunities available when you join the Young Living Family. Or just tell me what you would like to order and I’ll add it to my monthly order.

Young Living offers you so many health and wellness opportunities. there is an oil or a blend for every situation!

Young Living

Jacky an independent distributor for Young Living, who has been manufacturing therapeutic grade essential oils for over 20 years, Jacky is proud to share the business opportunity with you also. You can embark on a journey of discovery to learn about  the natural range of products which are available across the personal healthcare, lifestyle, household, beauty, hygiene and nutrition markets.  You also have a business opportunity like no other.  Utilising a franchise-like system,  you can choose to multiply your income by taking advantage of Young Living’s integrated business system.

Contact Jacky for further information.

Jacky can arrange a product presentation in your own home or workplace, or she can visit you to provide a personal overview of the range and the opportunities of being a Young Living purchaser or Independent Distributor.

Visit the Young Living Website to see the vast range of products.  If you decide to sign up please use my member code to enrol.

Member number 1404584

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