Terms and Conditions

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Please read our Terms and Conditions below

Terms and Conditions

You, as the student, take full responsibility for any injury, being physical, mental or emotional, during or after your online class.

It is your responsibility to provide a safe and responsible place in which to practice. Please take all due care to ensure you do not overstretch your body or attempt a pose which you may be unable to safely get out of.  Check in with your body and your state of mind prior to every class so that you are aware of your body feeling tired or over-energised or somewhere in between.  Yoga is the practise of awareness of the body and mind so remember to be aware.

The instructors endeavour to supply clear and informative instruction, with a visual experience, based on the training they have personally and professionally undertaken to bring them to Teacher level.

Gerry has practised yoga since 1977 and he is a Qualified Yoga Instructor as well as a Qualified Personal Trainer. Gerry, previously co-owned a Yoga Studio on the Gold Coast in Burleigh.

Jacky has practised yoga since 2004 and has been a Level 1 (200 hours) instructor since October 2015. She did her first TRE workshop in 2013 and has been a qualified Module 2 TRE Provider since 2015.

Every care is taken to ensure that all poses cater to various fitness levels so that you can take an easier option and progress further as your flexibility and fitness increases.

In rare cases, during the TRE®, a student may experience feelings of tiredness or may have emotions that come to the surface. This is part of the healing process and may be of great benefit to you.  The instructors will assist you wherever possible but it remains your responsibility to advise them if you are unsure about participating and to be very clear with your registration if there is a likelihood of this happening.  If you feel unwell during class and do not wish to continue please indicate to us. Then follow the steps given below and we will call you to check in at the conclusion of the class.

During the Yoga part of class, use Childs Pose to relax and restore at any time. If you are participating in a STREss Away class and feel overwhelmed, the first thing to do is stop the shake by straightening your legs. Then roll to your side and curl up into the foetal position.  Finally, sit up and have a drink of water. If you are in a private live class we will talk and advise you throughout.

Self regulation is required to enjoy a successful and safe practice. If you over-stretch or shake for too long, you will get over-tired.  Listen to your body and stay in touch with what is happening in your body. Do not leave the class unless you have checked in with us.

It is not recommended to meditate during any part of the class unless you are guided to do so by the instructors.

Product Payments

Secure payments using PayPal

Please visit this link to read the terms and conditions of a Paypal payment.

Secure Payments to our bank

Please note that when making a bank transfer your payment may not show up in the Healing from the Heart bank account for up to 2 days.

If you wish to book and attend a class before clearance please text or email a copy of the receipt to jacky@healingfromtheheart.com.au, 0438 682 405

Otherwise, we recommend paying via PayPal or Credit Card using the Paypal link in your cart.

Skype and Zoom

Numerology Readings and online live classes use Skype or Zoom. Please ask at time of booking if you require assistance to set up. See Zoom details here.  Here is the set up for Skype.  You need to set this up before the class or session time. For Zoom we send you a link so you can Zoom into class 10 minutes prior to start time. for a Skype Session, we will call you. Please provide your Skype name in the message box.


If there are difficulties with the Wifi connection at your end or at ours, another time may need to be arranged.  If you have a weak or intermittent wifi signal, the session will be unable to proceed and you may forfeit the class.  If there are drop-outs which make the class or session difficult we can arrange another time with you or give you a credit to attend another class.