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USUI/HOLY FIRE REIKI I & II – the beginning



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REIKI is a healing art, it is a way of living that enhances every aspect of your life – health, abundance, stress relief, relationships and manifestation. It is continually evolving, just the way universal energy evolves.

Reiki is the greatest gift and simple to use in every aspect of your life. It heals, purifies, empowers and guides you, as it enhances and enriches your experiences. It puts you in charge of your life and helps you to feel more empowered and grateful for everything that occurs during your day and your life. I could write pages and give you lots of testimonials to tell you about the miracles but it is too much information to write here. If you are interested, call me and I can chat away about my favourite subject! This is an invitation to you to consider taking the next step………. And the next step………….and the next step………………. In consciousness. With a Reiki Master who has dedicated her life to offering the healing gift of Reiki to the planet.  Jacky uses Reiki EVERY day for herself, her students, her clients.


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Two days – 9.00 to 5.00 both days

Limited places still available


Jacky has been a practising Master and Teacher of Reiki since 2004. In March 2014 she spent seven days with William Lee Rand in Maui, Hawaii to be the first Australian to receive the Holy Fire ignitions as part of her Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Masters training.

This training is one of the most thorough and comprehensive available. It is a combination of the Western style, as introduced by Mrs Takata and the Japanese style of Dr Usui. Jacky also introduces the Holy Fire energy within the class framework. On completion of the class, you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others.

Day 1 – Reiki I

  • The origins and history of ReikiReiki symbol
  • Crystal Healing
  • The nature of Reiki energy, why people get sick and how Reiki heals
  • The Reiki Principles
  • Hands-on Healing practice
  • Meditation
  • How to heal yourself and others
  • The first Reiki placement is received.

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice time. Each student will practice and experience a complete Reiki treatment. You will be opened to the blessing of Holy Fire in the sacred presence of the Masters that have practised before you.

On Day 2 you move on to Reiki II, where you will become familiar with the symbols that are the life force of Reiki. The energy expands, your knowledge and your practice is expanded. You learn to give absent healing. It is simple to make Reiki a part of daily life. Reiki is your guide and friend and is always there for you.  Jacky teaches from a wealth of experience. She has learned from some of the greatest Masters, those in spirit and some still teaching today.

Day 2 – Reiki II

Reiki I must be completed before you can participate in Reiki II
  • Holy Fire energy
  • Crystals and Chakras expanded

    Dr Mikao Usui

  • Gassho meditation
  • Byosen Scanning: Using the sensitivity in the hands to locate areas needing healing, (usually in the aura) and to treat them.
  • Japanese healing techniques
  • Reiki II symbols: How to draw, activate and use them. Their many uses are explained and their inner meaning is discussed.
  • Hands-on healing practice using the symbols
  • Absent Healing practice using the symbols
  • Holy Fire placement for Reiki II is received.

A comprehensive combined Reiki I and II class manual and a certificate is provided, plus a powerful set of healing crystals.

A deposit of $100 is payable for each workshop.  The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable), Please go to the Contact page to connect with us or make an enquiry.


Three days – Contact us for dates


You must have completed Reiki I and Reiki II before undertaking the Reiki Masters training.

Ask yourself these questions before you enrol in ART/Reiki Masters. Please contact Jacky to discuss further. She is happy to assist.

  • Do you know your Reiki symbols really well and feel comfortable using them
  • Do you feel confident that you know and practice (the best you are able) the Reiki Principles? – Just for  today etc?
  • Do you feel really proficient in your healing of others?  As a Reiki Master, you are stepping up to teach, as I do.  I was told I was not a recognised Reiki Master until I had taught and initiated my first student. If you choose not to teach, that is fine, but to embrace the expansion into Masters is a big step in consciousness.
  • Have you completed your 21 days self-healing from Reiki 1 and have you done some journalling around the experience? Are you aware of the changes that may have happened in your life since completing Reiki I
  • Are you intuitive with your decision-making around everything Reiki.  As a Master it is what feels right for you. You have to trust yourself and have complete faith in Reiki.
  • Check in with your heart. You know if you are ready.

This training gives you so many new tools to work with, whether you are a practitioner or if you just practice at home. The more you learn about Reiki, the easier and more flexible it is to use. As you learn to use the Reiki Healing Grid you can do absent healing on many people at once. Once you charge your Reiki grid each day, the healing energy is being amplified wherever it is directed, to as many people or situations as required, all at the same time. I currently have house and business sales, manifestation intentions, cancer patients and lots of other healing happening simultaneously.

  • Learn the Ignitions for all Reiki Levels
  • Practice healing using all Reiki symbols
  • The Principles of the Master
  • Guiding and Teaching others
  • Your own Reiki business
  • Holy Fire II Placements and Ignitions
  • Holy Fire Meditations

This class is not just for students wanting to become Teachers themselves.  It is a beautiful way to add lots of new applications to your Reiki treatments and your own self-practice.  With the Holy Fire ignitions and meditations included, this is a chance to really embrace the authenticity of your Reiki. To expand your awareness and enjoy Reiki as a part of your daily life, with all the magic that it brings. the consciousness is ever changing and expanding.  This NEW expanded way of offering your Reiki to others may take it to a whole other level.

You will be able to initiate students into all levels of Reiki including full Reiki Master. The class is taught in the Usui Holy Fire II style of Reiki that is a combination of the Usui system as taught by Mrs Takata, and a special Holy Fire style as taught by William Lee Rand. The Usui and Holy Fire Master symbols are included along with Holy Love meditation. you will experience Holy Fire on your own personal exploration of Reiki. You may learn many additional techniques to enhance your Reiki healing. The training is intensive and very thorough. It includes lecture, discussion, demonstration and adequate practice time. All issues and questions are dealt with openly in a very helpful and informative way. All attunements and ignitions are explained, demonstrated and practised so that each student becomes confident in their use. This is an excellent class for those wanting to be Reiki Masters as well as those Reiki Masters wanting to deepen their understanding.

This class is a deeply healing experience.

purple-reiki-hands-smThe student becomes the teacher. Learn the disciplines and commitment to becoming a Reiki Master so that you are able to attune others to this great gift of healing. This workshop is geared to the individual requirements and experience of each student. Learn the ethics and principles of being a teacher of Universal Life Force Energy with the added grace and purity of the Holy Fire.

You will receive a certificate and a Reiki Healing Grid plus a Reiki Master Essential oil blend.

We will laugh and possibly cry. We will let go old patterns and open to new experiences.  We will be changed forever as we open to and evolve with the Reiki energy.  Please drop me an email or contact me via the website if you wish to arrange a time to discuss this workshop further.

A deposit of $100 is payable for each workshop.  The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable), Please go to the Contact page to connect with us or make an enquiry.


Three days – Contact us for dates


This is an advanced level of Reiki training, recognised internationally, originated by William Lee Rand. It is only available to qualified Reiki Masters
Painting by Todd L. Thomas (copyright)

Painting by Todd L. Thomas (copyright)

This unique training is available to qualified Reiki Masters. The course originates from the International Centre for Reiki Training in the USA and enables certified Reiki Masters to teach the content as an affiliate member of the International Centre for Reiki Training. The course introduces 8 new symbols and opens the heart to toning and chanting, assisting healing in a profound and unique way. Karuna opens your heart to Oneness, allowing you to love yourself and reach cosmic levels of spiritual guidance. It enables you to connect with your purpose more deeply. The energy is subtle, gentle powerful and extremely healing and assists you to manifest your goals, adding the power of sound to your healing. Karuna is the absolute heart connection of the Reiki journey. It exemplifies a journey to Oneness.

Workshop Content

  • You will learn and meditate on 8 new symbols – Karuna 1 and Karuna II
  • You will experience Holy Fire II
  • You will learn about ignitions/placements
  • You will learn how to chant and tone with the Reiki symbols
  • You will have chance to give healing to others
  • You will go for walks and meditate and use the symbols outside
  • You will gain understanding of the Three Heavens
  • You will learn how to teach a Karuna Reiki Class and a Holy Fire II Reiki Master Class
  • You will heal, you will expand, you will deeply connect with the Karuna consciousness.

A deposit of $100 is payable for each workshop.  The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable), Please go to the Contact page to connect with us or make an enquiry.

Booking Information

Bookings are essential.

Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to other courses or classes. I am constantly reviewing and updating course content as it is my intention to channel new information on a regular basis. What I learn, and the information I receive is for us all to share. As I learn (and I am learning all the time), or receive new information, the content or format of workshops may change. Based on student feedback I also update information so that you continue to receive updated and improved courses. Workshop duration and prices are subject to change without notice so please confirm all details when booking.

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