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sTREss Away YOGA

LIVE and Recorded Online Classes

sTREss Away YOGA is a unique mixture of Yoga Classes and Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®). The classes are suitable and tailored for absolute beginners or the more experienced Yoga or TRE® student.

Who can benefit from sTREss Away Yoga?

We can ALL benefit from a regular practice to assist the release of day to day stress, as well as the tension, stress, and trauma that we have accumulated throughout our lives.  We have had students in their 80s and our youngest Yogini is 9 years old!

Where can I do sTREss Away Yoga?

In the comfort and privacy of your own home. Even on holiday or having a break or in your lunchtime at work.  Almost Anywhere!!!  (It is preferable to practise Yoga on a flat surface in a space where you will not be disturbed, especially if you are new to Yoga.)

Visit our YouTube Channel to get an idea of our classes and the amazing places where we practise.

How easy is it to do sTREss Away?

So easy. If you can get in and out of a chair we can tailor a class to benefit you. If you are feeling unfit or inflexible, you will still be able to do our classes.  If you are recovering from injury, surgery etc, we can assist you to modify your practice.

When can I do the classes?

If you want to attend our live online classes, just check the timetable to find a class to suit you. Use STEP 1 to Purchase your Class and STEP 2 to Book your timeslot. See the STEPS on the right side of this page.

Click here for your FREE Live Online sTREss Away Yoga class.  If you have already been practicing Yoga, dive straight in and purchase LIVE Online sTREss Away Yoga classes. Choose from the options at the Shop or at the bottom of this page.

With a Silver or Gold Pass, you have access to unlimited sTREss Away Yoga, including a private 1 on 1 session. We will mutually agree a time for the session. Recorded classes vary from 10 minutes to one hour so you can choose the class that best fits your schedule on any given day.

View our current Timetable

What are the benefits of regular sTREss Away Yoga?

  • Less stress, easier to handle daily living
  • Energy levels and well-being increase
  • Slows down the ageing process, promotes youthfulness
  • Boosts your immune system, reducing frequency of illness and disease, promoting faster recovery
  • Musculoskeletal flexibility and strength improved
  • Prevention and management of osteoporosis
  • More fun and enjoyment through discovering your true, authentic self
  • Weight management becomes easier as the stresses are peeled away
  • Resets your nervous system bringing greater focus and concentration
  • Improves libido
  • Keeps a smile on your dial

How do I enrol in a class?

  1. Go to Prepare for Class to ensure you have the technology and space available to join a class

  2. Use STEP 1 to Purchase your Class. See the STEPS on the right side of this page.

  3. Use STEP 2 to Book your timeslot.

Online sTREss Away Yoga classes

This a brand new way of delivering stress and tension relief with the gentle movement of YOGA.  Our Yoga has so many benefits such as focus, concentration, mindfulness, flexibility and strength. The sTREss Away process releases the effects of chronic stress and unresolved trauma including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, without needing to engage the mind. Many students that have attended our classes have said they are constantly telling their story – to counsellors, psychologists etc and they don’t want to keep reliving their trauma. We don’t need your story as sTREss Away Yoga is a somatic (body) process. Many students tell us they no longer wish to continually take prescription meds as it prevents them from being themselves and may have unpleasant side effects. Most people are now aware that medication tends to mask the cause and treat the symptoms, rather than create a cure. We do want to make it clear that we believe the medical profession and many treatments have their place and the people who study for many years to earn their degrees are extremely dedicated and have the best interest of the patients in mind. But there is another way to complement or reduce the need for medical intervention.

Gerry worked in Aged Care for several years and personally observed the effects of how our health system treats it’s chronically ill. We need to make a paradigm shift to proactive wellness so that we can lead more healthy and active lives.

The regular practice of sTREss Away Yoga helps to develop and maintain that wellness. As we connect to our true selves through shedding the accumulation of past experiences, we start to find our innate happiness. Suddenly, what we saw as being lack, becomes abundance. Where we felt dislike and hatred, we organically shift to feelings of empathy and love.

If you are ill, moving through chronic disease, are recovering from injury or cancer our Yoga 1 on 1 Class may be the perfect option to set you on the road to wellness.

This one to one online experience is in the comfort of your living room, through the technological wizardry of the internet. We offer 1 on 1 Yoga, 1 on 1 TRE® or a 1 on 1 sTREss Away combination. If we are visiting your local area we can do a face to face class or book a class for you and your friends!

If you have been diagnosed with issues such as PTSD or severe anxiety/depression, then Jacky is an experienced TRE provider in Australia. You can feel safe and valued through her sTREss Away 1 on 1 online personal classes. This is a Youtube of a class with Gerry where he talks about his TRE experience.

Please visit our YouTube Channel and watch more of our videos.

Visit the Shop to purchase your next class.

Casual Class

Live online sTREss Away Yoga with Jacky and Gerry

Couples Casual Class

Special Price for you and your partner. Live online sTREss Away Yoga with Jacky and Gerry

5 Class Pass  sTREss Away Yoga

sTREss Away Yoga (5 x 60 minute live classes)

5 Class Couples Pass sTREss Away Yoga

sTREss Away Yoga  (5 x 60 minute live classes)

10 Class Pass sTREss Away Yoga

sTREss Away Yoga (10  x 60 minute live classes)

10 Class Couples Pass sTREss Away yoga

sTREss Away yoga (10  x 60 minute live classes)

SILVER Subscription

Unlimited classes for 1 month. Live and recorded classes, plus one 30-minute personal coaching session (recorded classes have variable class durations to suit your schedule)

GOLD  Subscription

Unlimited classes for 6 months. Live and recorded classes, plus six personal 30-minute coaching sessions  (recorded classes have variable class durations to suit your schedule)

Three Class TRE® Package

Three private LIVE online TRE® sessions. First session 90-minutes which include an initial consultation, second class 60-minutes, third class 60-minutes

Three Class Yoga Package

Three private LIVE online Yoga sessions. First session 90-minutes which include an initial consultation, second class 60-minutes, third class 60-minutes

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