Rebecca uses TRE to cope with PTSD and Migraine Symptoms

Rebecca uses TRE to cope with PTSD and Migraine Symptoms

Find Clarity in your life with Trauma Releasing Exercises

The video below is a testament to the effectiveness of consistent TRE® practice and how it can assist the release of stress, tension and trauma.

Written in 2015

The video below introduces Rebecca who suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This condition is brought on by intense shock, trauma or disturbance and is common in the armed forces, police and those who are regularly subjected to disturbing situations.  Bec had a very traumatic experience in South Africa where she lost her husband. Her health deteriorated as a result of the trauma and when I met her about 7 years after that event, she was struggling with PTSD but showed courage and determination in her efforts to overcome what the doctors told her was incurable.

As a Trauma Release Level 2 Instructor, who works with people from all walks of life,  I am witnessing many people suffering the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression in relation to abuse, domestic violence, accidents and many day to day traumatic situations which are all too common in society today. Symptoms can include migraines, insomnia, inflexibility in the body, constant noise in the head, stuttering, agoraphobia, inability to focus, being triggered by seemingly mundane events and a host of other stress-related problems.

Rebecca discovered Trauma Release Exercises and has been practising regularly for just a few months. She attended a 3-day TRE training and followed up with regular practice at home.  She joined my class and attends every week.

Rebecca has agreed to show this video as it documents how her tremor experience has changed her symptoms over just a few months and what incredible results can be achieved when we practise TRE (sTREss away) consistently.

Rebecca attended the 3-day TRE training in May 2015.  It was a mission for her as she also suffers agoraphobia as a result of severe past trauma. She also attended my Fusion event in August where she also experienced Network Spinal Analysis alongside Trauma Release Exercises.

She made great progress and was a keen first member of my sTREss away class in Byron Bay at the beginning of July.  Rebecca attends every week and is becoming more aware of her body, more in control of what is happening with her body and now her body is responding, giving her relief from 8 years of migraine headaches.  Watch her tremors and then hear what she has to say.

In the first part of her tremor session, Rebecca is “not feeling real comfy today.” See how her body expresses that. Notice how tense her hands are even though her legs appear quite relaxed as she tremors.

In the same session, Rebecca becomes more relaxed and fluid with the unwinding process. She is also learning to self-regulate and can stop the tremor process more easily now.

A few weeks later Rebecca attends a full day Fusion event.  She had a stressful start to her day but as you can see, her body is letting the tension and stress release more fluidly than in the previous session. Take a look at her relaxed face and the way the whole body is engaged in the tremor release. The face does not lie in TRE!

In the final interview, Rebecca has just completed her weekly TRE session with me. She shares with me that since commencing regular Trauma Release Exercise classes, her migraines have completely disappeared.  With the migraines resolved her body will now be free to continue healing other symptoms that arise as part of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Update October 2017

I lost touch with Rebecca as she was moving around and staying in different places.  We tried Skype sessions but she was often in locations where the Wifi was not good enough to transmit.  I contacted her when I saw a rather cryptic message on Facebook. I got a phone call from her mother telling me she had been diagnosed with a very aggressive melanoma and passed away within a month.  I tell this part of her story as I believe TRE was a coping mechanism for Rebecca and helped her to deal with the everyday challenges in her life.  She is with her husband and soulmate in Spirit now. And I know that makes her very happy.

I believe that Trauma Release Exercises are an integral part of the recovery process for so many of us.  Not just for the deeply ingrained tension patterns but also for the everyday stresses and tensions that impact our body over time.  Come share the incredible Trauma Release Revolution.  Jacky offers individual sessions for those of you who prefer not to attend a group class just yet. Or you can join our classes.

We are live and online as we travel around the world and sometimes we may be in your area.

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